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Enterprise Hub Director: Jim Christy
Turning Knowledge into Enterprise

The Hub finds new innovations at U. Brighton

Ian Goodyer presents award to Stephen Britt

Ian Goodyer presents award to Stephen Britt for his assisted bike invention. Photograph by Laura Crow Photography

Ian Goodyer, Hub Consultant at the East Sussex Enterprise Hub, was a judge in the Graduate Innovation category at this years U. Brighton Innovation Awards. The winner of the category was Stephen Britt for an electric bike innovation. Powered by batteries, it has a motor and a gearbox to control a bike for around 10 miles. The light-weight system allows the full range of gears to be used, giving it high efficiency and making it good at climbing hills. Stephen said: “The idea formed after being stuck in traffic for 90 weeks while a bridge was built as part of the Beddingham roundabout improvements.”

Stephen Britt also shared the Entrepreneurship Award with business studies students, Lauren Goggs, Matt Hacker, Ioanna Zacharis and Emma Brand for their pay as you pedal scheme, which provides a solution to the city’s congested roads.

Ian said after the event "The hub is always on the lookout for great, new propositions and the university’s innovation awards are a rich source of ideas. Following on from the awards we often support a number of entrepreneurs and help them to bring their products and services to market.”

3 Jul 2009

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